Handcrafted table tennis blade 0002

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Carbon table tennis blade

Speed: OFF

Thickness: 5.0 mm.

Weight: 87.8 g.

Head Size: 158 x 149 mm (without grip area).

Handle length: 10.4 cm.

Handle width: 2.9 cm.

Handle thickness2.3 cm.

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Product Description

Epoxy Technology – selected veneers are with Professional epoxy resin. This unique method of gluing the veneers ensures their special rigidity. Depending on the composition, additional extra power, speed and spin are achieved. The blades have extra control without unpleasant vibration. This technology gives the outer veneers extra hardness and the incredibly smooth finish surface.

Thermo Technology – selected veneers glued with epoxy resin are pressed together and treated. During this process the epoxy resin liquefies and penetrates better into the veneers. The final result – extra sensitivity, very solid balance and fantastic feel.

Musical Wood Veneering Technology – using wood veneer, the original wonder fiber, is ideal in creating exceptionally good looking and sounding table tennis blade. The blade is handcrafted with the special plywood technology as manufacturing stringed instruments.

French Polishing Technology – the handle wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface, with a deep color and chatoyancy. Normal blade surface treatments use regular lacquer, but French polishing technology provides additional speed.

Handle type: C-classic.

Thickness: 5.0 mm.

Weight: 87.8 g.

Head Size: 158 x 149 mm (without grip area).

Top sheet: Koto.

Second: Carbon 200 gr/m2.

Core: Abachi 3.5 mm

Speed: OFF

Balance: To handle.

Vibration: No.

Hardness:  Medium to Hard.

Handle: Made from natural wood  Wenge 1/9, Koto 2/4/6/8, Padauk 3/5/7. The inner hollow composition ensures better acceleration and faster returns, additional power and extra sensitivity of touch.

Handle length: 10.4 cm.

Handle width: 2.9 cm.

Handle thickness: 2.3 cm.


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